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Indulgent Flavored Popcorn You Can't Resist

Lora Jean's Gourmet Popcorn Company in Knoxville, Tennessee, makes mouthwatering flavored popcorn using the finest-quality ingredients, consistently following high standards. Our savory options are richly coated in high-grade cheese, and we can add a special drizzle to just about any flavor for a dollar extra. Just call at least one hour before you plan to visit. Prices start at $5 or $6 for the small bag (6 to 7 ounces). If the flavor you want is not readily available, we will make it for you in about an hour. Stop by for our special of the week!

Chocolate Popcorn

Sweet Flavors:

• Caramel (traditionally sweet and buttery)
• Kettle
• Birthday Cake Lemon Pound Cake
• Red Hot Cinnamon
• Cookies n Cream
• Red  Velvet
• Sinckerdoodle
• Bubble Gum
• Spice Cake
• Vanilla
• Lemon Pound Cake

• Watermelon
• Lemon
• Kettle Corn
• Birthday Cake
• Watt's White Chocolate
• Butterscotch With Chocolate Drizzle
• Butter Pecan
• Peanut Butter With Chocolate Drizzle
• Black Cherry
• Orange
• Grape
• Peanut Butter


• Chocolate with white chocolate Drizzle
• Smorz (marshmallows and graham cracker bears)
• Strawberry with White Chocolate Drizzle
• Watt's White Chocolate with Sprinkles
• Caramel Corn with Double Chocolate Drizzle

More Flavors

Savory Flavors:

• Jalapeño
• Guadalajara Hot Sauce
• Parmesan & Garlic
• Sour Cream & Chive
• Yellow Cheddar
• White Cheddar
• Bacon Cheddar
• Cheddar Pretzle Ale

Fruity Flavors:

• Grape
• Watermelon
• Strawberry
• Black Cherry
• Blue Raspberry
• Green Apple
• Lemon
• Blueberry
• Banana
• Cherry


• Fruit Mix (A mix of all fruit flavors)
• K-Town (Yellow Cheddar and Caramel Corn)
• Undecided (Caramel Corn with a Yellow Cheddar Wrap)
• Vol Mix (A Mix of Yellow and White Cheddars)


• Get Me Some Water, Please
• Hot Jalapeno
• Sweet Mesquite
• Guadalajara Hot Sauce

Cocktail Blends

• Coconut Pina Colada
• Pina Colada
• Pinapple Colada
• Margarita Lime
• Banana Colada
• Strawberry / Banana Colada


• Butter Pecan
• Salty Caramel with Peanuts
• Salty Caramel with Cashews
• Apple Pie (Homemade Apple Pie Flavor with Large Apple Slices and Pecans)
•  IJGP Nutty Mix  (Pecans, Cashews, Almonds, Salty Peanuts, White and Milk Chocolate, Cranberry and Raisin)

Frosted Nuts

• Frosted Pecans
• Frosted Almonds (Frosted in Vanilla, Sugar and Cinnamon)

Home to Butter Pecan Popcorn & Other Specialties

This is a great tradition in Knoxville. Our butter pecan popcorn features large pecan halves and the finest extracts of rum and maple. The enticing smell fills the room and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

For the holidays we offer specialty items like our white chocolate covered popcorn ball with nonpareil sprinkles—the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

White Chocolate Covered Popcorn Ball With Nonpareil Sprinkles

Popcorn Bowl

Choices On Hand in Our Shop Every Day:

•  Caramel
• White Cheddar
• Yellow Cheddar
•  Butter Pecan
•  K-Town Mix (Caramel & Yellow Cheddar)
*Available in Any Size You Need


• Small - 1 Pound • Medium - 2 Pounds • Large - 4 pounds

Customization for Events

We color popcorn with or without a flavor to match certain occasions, such as holidays, weddings, and baby showers. Specialty flavors include Gingerbread, Birthday Cake, and Apple Pie. Please let us know at least one week in advance of your event.